mesostic : music


these are low-quality mp3 samples of 'work-in-progress' music for the Tacoma Museum Of Glass' Cage/Grave/Tobey Educational Installation. keep in mind that these bits are, at best, pastiches of music of Cage, Tudor and others, and are simply my humble, if inept, homages the their work.

ambience # 3 (1:07) 1MB

"ambience # 3" is a composite of various synthesized, man-made & natural sounds

percussion # 1 (0:38) 616K

"percussion # 1" is a pastiche of john cage's percussion music. this piece will be significantly altered before presented.

piano # 2 (1:32) 1.4MB

piano # 3 (1:09) 1MB

"piano # 2" & "piano # 3" employ various chance operations, mostly a computer-based 'i-ching' programme to determine notes, note velocity & duration.

for david tudor : variation 1 (0:53) 836K

this is based on a score i created in 1999. i was attempting to create a tape-esque piece using a synthesizer sample pitched very far down, then entering note values based on the score.