at the conclusion of a performance of John Cage's "4'33"", amidst a tumultuous round of applause, a child in the audience remarks "but the pianist was not making any sound!"
so the only assumption one can make we have been so convinced that Cage's most controversial composition is a fraud, a sonic con that has inspired pointless discourse and needless adoration of the composer...
he's performed and collaborated with john cage, david tudor and others.

after the recent performance of tudor's "rainforest" & bryar's "biped", i took up courage to speak with him.

he was a very kind and gracious chap. he took time to answer mine and others questions without a trace of impatience - even after a 2 hour performance.

thank you for listening and responding, mr. kosugi, i'm very grateful for your time (and performances).

*by the way, i did not intentionally nick the title from Michael Nyman's composition, I found out about it after I had completed this diatribe.